reCOVID Proposal
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The reCOVID Consortium

reCOVID is a consortium of leading European and US scientists responding to the IMI2 Call 211 for proposals for the 'Development of therapeutics and diagnostics combatting coronavirus infections' (deadline 5 pm Brussels time, 31 March 2020). The Consortium is led by Professor Alessandra Renieri of the University of Siena in Italy. Scientists from Italy and Spain will proved the basis for a detailed patient registry and biobank of samples, containing initially at least 3000 patients, in order to develop a genetic-based approach to innovative and state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to address the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The reCOVID Proposal

The project seeks collaboration with EFPIA and other pharma/diagnostics companies that can contribute to the science while also providing a pathway to ensure a rapid development of promising diagnostic and therapeutic tools into products. The objective is to deliver innovative products to the market in an accelerated fashion while strictly adhering to GCP as well as EMA, MHRA and FDA requirements, using priority regulatory pathways for COVID-19 where and as available.

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How to participate to reCOVID

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